Friday, 28 February 2014

My sketching kit ( While travelling )

I carry the following, while I am travelling or out of the house, ie my small travel kit for sketching.
If there is an oppurtunity then I get to do a few sketches. It easily fits into my handbag.

Few cut out coloured papers ( inexpensive ), and white papers.
Most of them are of size 3.5" X 4.5"
I love doing thumbnail sketches on these.

My sketching box which contains charcoal pencil, eraser, kneaded eraser,
paper blender, cloth blender, white pastel pencil, white pastel chalk.
compressed charcoal, willow charcoal and ear buds.

I place the papers on top of the sketching box and then use a rubberband  to keep it together. 
I also take a small sketchbook and a butter paper cause the sketching once 
completed needs to be protected with a butterpaper placed on top
so that it does not get smudged.

I carry this kit with me most of the times when I am out for a few days and it is a very
satisfying experience. There are always situations when as an artist you feel the need
to sketch something for later use.

Two green chillies - oil painting

My usual size of 6" X 6" canvas.
Painted two green chillies in oil, and framed it with 1.5 inches thick
fibreboard black frame. Added the water drops in the front.

Two green chillies
oil painting on canvas
Size 9" X 9" ( including frame size )
Available for sale.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Waves at the seashore - soft pastel painting

Created this beautiful paiinting , with the gentle seawaves hitting the shore, using
soft pastels and red coloured fabriano paper. Framed the painting with 2.5 inches
dark grey mount board around it followed by a black fibreboard frame.

( Photographed without the frame )

Waves at the seashore
Soft pastels on fabriano paper
Size 18" X 24" ( including frame )

Painting is my passion and I try to do some painting everyday, be it a thumbnail sketch or a still life art 
work. Apart from still life works I also enjoy doing other subjects like landscapes and seascapes. 
I keep shifting from one medium to another and enjoy each one of them. Every medium has its 
own merits and demerits. End of the day I know I have created something and it is a different feeling altogether. Most important of all EVERYDAY I learn something new out of whatever I do.
I believe learning is an ongoing process.
It never ends.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Grand canyon - soft pastel painting

I used a reference photo to do this Grand Canyon painting using soft pastels.
Added lot of bright and warm colours in the painting to give it
a fiery look.

Grand Canyon
Size 10" X 18"
Soft Pastels on fabriano paper
Available for sale

Forest - pastel painting by Manju Panchal

Painted this forest scene with soft pastels. Used dark brown Canson Mi tentes paper and Gallery
and Mungyo brand of soft pastels. The painting is not framed but placed under black mount board ( thickness 2" all around it )

soft pastel painting of forest by Manju Panchal

Forest - the lighted pathway
Size 9" X 14" ( including the mountboard )
Available for sale

When the pastel painting is not framed it needs to be kept safely so as to avoid the smudging
of pure pastel dust. I normally place the mountboard on top of it and then place a butter paper 
on the top so there is a space between the painting and the butter paper.
Then I fold the butter paper carefully at the edges and put few office clips to
secure the artwork. Then I place it neatly in my drawer with the other collection.
( Image shown below )

Saturday, 22 February 2014

An apple - oil painting

Original oil painting of an apple created on canvas.

An Apple
Size 5" X 5.75" ( unframed )
Oil painting on canvas

If you wish to see the Ethnic Arty Products created by me
please visit my blog

Small landscape painting - sold work

6" X 6" oil painting of a landscape.
Framed with dark brown fibreboard frame.

Landscape in oil
Size 8" X 8" ( including frame )

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thumbnail sketches

Photographed six thumbnail sketches together. One beach scene, rest all are still lives
done on grey paper and black paper. Tomato, ginger, cup etc.
Early morning sunlight casts beautiful shadows
and I enjoy capturing the image on paper.

All of them are of size 3" X 4.5"

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An onion - still life oil painting

A 6" X 6" still life oil painting of a single onion on canvas

Size 9" X 9" ( including frame )
A single onion
Available for sale

An orange - still life oil painting

A 6" X 6"  still life oil painting of an orange fruit on canvas

Size 9" X 9" ( including frame )
An orange
Available for sale

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thumbnail sketches

AboutThumbnail sketches

Thumbnail sketches are small practice drawings made during the planning of an art piece. Most artists use thumbnail sketches as a preliminary drawing , as a way to work through ideas before they actually start on a bigger art work. It helps to save time and money and very few art materials are used. A thumbnail sketch can be done with willow charcoal, colour pencils or water colours. It depends on each artist.

By doing thumbnail sketches an artist can know as to which composition will look best.

Artists can experiment with colours and values and can change the painting by adding or subtracting a few features from reference photo so as to gauge the new look. Once satisfied, the artist can then refer to his/her thumbnail sketch to do a bigger painting.

Some of my recent thumbnail sketches of landscapes done in soft pastels
on ordinary grey chart paper

Red Rocks of Australia

Forest by the river

Pathway in the forest

Andaman beach scene

All of the above sketches are size 4" X 5"
No details are added. Just tried to capture the basic colours and values.
More like a quick study. Some day I might refer to one of these to create a bigger work.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Two tomatoes - Acrylic work

This is a small canvas painting of two tomatoes hanging in my kitchen space.
For photography purpose I have placed the painting on
my red table runner.

Size 6" X 8" ( including frame )
Two tomatoes
Not for sale

Beautiful Quote

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned
in school." Albert Einstein 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Art Station - Stationery shop for all your art needs

ART STATION - The art and craft stationery shop

I am posting below photographs of an art stationery shop near my house, where you will
find most of your art stationery be it from India or abroad. It is situated at four bunglows,
quite close to Ambani hospital.

Art Station
Contact details  26339794,   Mob 9967202612

art station - stationery shop at four bunglows andheri west

art station - stationery shop at four bunglows andheri west

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Two bananas - soft pastel work by manju Panchal

I have lost count on how many times I have painted bananas in different mediums. Yet i never
get tired of doing it. One reason is it is all the time available in the house and one can paint
it in different positions, rendering diffferent colours in the background each time.
This particular painting is an old work of mine and has been done on fabriano paper 
using soft pastels.

Soft pastel paintings of bananas by manju Panchal

Size 6" X 6"
Two bananas ( SOLD )

Saturday, 8 February 2014

An apple and a sweet lime.

Still Life - Soft Pastel paintings of an apple and a sweet lime. Both Paintings are done on
fabriano paper. The size of painting is my standard 6" X 6".

Size 12" X 12" ( including frame )

Friday, 7 February 2014

Still Life - Peeled Banana ( Acrylic painting )

Framed painting of a peeled banana. Used Camel acrylic paints. Finished painting in three layers.
Blending is pretty difficult in acrylic painting as it dries fast but the biggest advantage
is that the time taken to finish the painting as compared to an oil painting 
is much fast. Retarders can be added to slow the drying but I have
avoided using it. 

Size 9" X 9"
Peeled banana.
Acrylic painting on canvas.
( Available for sale )

An artist,whose acrylic paintings are just amazing and someone whose site
I have been following for years for guidance is Roger Bansemer.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Tree - shades of green

Soft pastel painting of a tree done on Canson Mi tentes paper. I enjoyed doing this one.
It was a small size ie 6" X 6", and so many shades of green. But the end result was very
satisfying. I have framed the work with a 2.5 inches of dark brown mount board around it,
followed by a thin brown fibreboard frame.

Size 12" X 12"
A tree
Soft pastels on canson Mi Tentes paper
Available for sale.

If you are located in mumbai then , you can find canson sheets 220 gsm at
Art Lounge in Churchgate. They have a fairly good collection of art materials.
For the above painting I have used a red canson paper. 

Still life - some oil paintings

Adding images of still life oil works on canvas. Both are done on 6" X 6" canvas using camel
oil paints. They have a one inch thick fibre board frame around it.

Size 8" X 8" ( including frame )
Single Capsicum
Oil painting on canvas
Available for sale

Size 8" X 8" ( including frame )
Pear by itself
Oil painting on canvas
Available for sale

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Still Life painting of fruits - soft pastels

Both these still life paintings are done on fabriano paper. They are framed under glass, 
hence I have tried my best to photograph them without reflections.

6" X 6" ( without frame )
Soft pastels on fabriano paper

( The sweet lime were on my kitchen granite platform and the reflection was
so good, that I could not resist doing this work at night 9 pm or so. After the
first 2 coats, I finished the final touch up in the morning )

Size 6" X 6" ( without frame )
Soft Pastels on fabriano paper

This Pear was on my center table and the sunlight falling on it from the right was casting a 
beautiful shadow. So I did this particular painting by taking the top view of pear.